"Best Music App Tool I Own, period!"

"Dude this is awesome. So many features, so seamlessly done. I feel like I know how to use the app already even though there's so much in it."

“What can I say. This app is re­al­ly good, in my book the best. I have Sug­gester, chord poly pad, ul­ti­mate cir­cle of fifths and more, al­most any app that deals with mu­sic the­o­ry but this one beats all of them. It is re­al­ly that good. Not that the oth­ers are not good but this one is by far the best. The de­vel­op­er reads all our sug­gestions to im­prove the app. Check the au­diobus fo­rum so can read more about it”

"So you out here making an app that has basically everything you need to know about music theory and training exercises, and only charging [redacted] bucks so people don't have to be spammed by ads? Sign me up"

"Dude what the $%@! I've been looking for this exact thing for MONTHS! Thank you"

"This app is amazing. I bought it for the AU chord detection, but the developer just keeps on adding new features. It's now a fantastic chord and scale reference that includes both keys and stringed instruments, a fully customizable AU chord pad tool for triggering chords in other apps, a AU grand staff viewer, an interactive Circle of Fifths reference that is super useful for experimenting with different chord progressions, and even an ear trainer! This is one of the most versatile and useful music apps I own, and the developer is very active and responsive on the Audiobus forums. Super easy recommendation."

"Never downloaded an app so fast in my life"

"I'm mostly just a beginner, but I've been looking for something like this for a long time (all of these features in one well-designed paid app, no subscription model, instead of separate apps of varying quality) and I look forward to being able to use it to its full capacity as I learn more about music theory. I've been playing with it and, so far, it's been worthwhile, even with my limited level of knowledge. The design is attractive and easy to use too, which is a big selling point to me, and I love the stats breakdown in the ear training section too. Well done!"

"I purchased this app two weeks ago around the day it was released. Since then, there have been two solid updates. One was expanding it's use to AUv3 and MIDI In, the other included the Circle of Fifths as a visual reference tool. I recommend this app for practicing with your instrument, as well as for referencing MIDI notes on plugins in whatever iOS DAW setup that you use. I'm looking forward to using Tonality as it grows, along with any potential upcoming music apps that have this level of response and detail."

"This has everything! It would have been so useful in my college days. I use it now with my piano students and theory students, and love that it has so much that will last them a very long time. Chord scales, chords, scales and fingerings, circle of fifths and more!"

"Awesome. Love it. For someone like myself who has only a few months under their belt in the music theory world this is priceless. This is going to save me hours of flipping through notebook pages to review content of refresh myself on past material."

"I LOVE the dictation feature that's exactly what I'm working on right now and I haven't been able to find an app that has that feature. The CO5ths is also genius I love that you can play everything out loud so easily. Thank you for making this it's because of people like you that I can teach myself music theory at home!!!"

"This is a really great app. It's like a giant cheat sheet. It just works and finding what you're looking for by chord, scale, etc., is a breeze."

"I just bought the app based on your description. It is EXACTLY what I need right now for learning. Well done. I've been pretty frustrated with some apps lately and this one does the things I hoped the others would do."

"YES. Finally! The thing i need to get off my ass and start studying music theory! So simple. So easy. So intuitive. So musical."

"A LOT to discover in this pearl. This completely escaped my radar."

"A compendium for musicians that's easy to use and keeps getting better. Of course, there's several apps of this kind available, but in my humble opinion this one is more complete. As an added bonus, you can load it as an AUv3."

"Vraiment, c'est une application très utile. Et le développeur est à l'écoute. Je lui ai demandé s'il pouvait rendre l'application accessible pour les personnes non-voyante, en moins de 24 heures la mise à jour été sur l'Appstore. Bravo."

"This is one of those apps that showcases a developer with an exceptionally organized mind. I still have a lot of work to do to understand everything it does but the complete coverage of guitar chord choices and options settings shows me I'd like to see more music apps from [him]."

"Updates are too fast – I can't keep up. The app is brilliant. Developer, brilliant. Don't hesitate in purchasing. Thank you for creating Tonality"

"The app that keeps giving!"

"This is a cheat sheet to be­com­ing a mu­sic the­o­ry God. This app is in­cred­i­ble and just keeps get­ting bet­ter as the de­vel­op­er is very re­spon­sive and keeps adding fea­tures that im­prove the app just when you thought it couldn't be im­proved fur­ther."

"Excellent app for music theory. It is brilliantly supported by the developer who is continually updating it and adding more features. The app is indispensable for the reference and learning of music theory."

"Indispensable app"

"My expectations were exceeded. Especially with more complicated chords you can just play the chord and you get the name and the spelling (with the staves) displayed. I also like the auditory training game (i.e., "guessing" / recognizing chords by ear, for example, major or minor). Overall, a nice, practical access for anyone interested in practice-oriented music theory. The app is stable for me in Cubasis as a midi effect."

"Great app. Use it in every composition."

"Highly recommended. Very thorough and can replace the job done by multiple apps."

"Such a well-made app. I use it all the time now. Wouldn't be without it."

"This app is a game chang­er!!!! I've been search­ing for an app that could help me make great sound­ing chords, as well as brush up on the­o­ry!!! This is the ONE!!!! I reached out to their on­line sup­port. They were very re­spon­sive and very help­ful with ques­tions and con­cerns!!! I'm lov­ing it!!!! Big ups to the cre­ator of this app!!!!"

"You made a fantastic app. I use the chord pad au with most of my compositions. Running an arp after this has been a blast"

"This app is amazing. It's a learning tool, a reference and an instrument. Extremely complete."

"This app fits perfectly into a few of my workflows. Keep it open on my phone next to the keyboard when I'm writing songs; the chord ID is so useful! I'm a guitar player but have been enjoying trying to write on piano. Often will accidentally stumble on a few keys that sound nice together and now I can get the name of the chord and if it's 7th, sus, add 4...etc along with variation or inversions and a very straightforward diagram showing the combination of keys to play for each. It's already helped so many times. And all has been a bonus, something I didn't even know I needed. The main features I bought it for were chord pads I can customize and use in AUM and all the music theory info is right there so I can learn what I'm doing and experiment without stopping the jam. Lots more but I'm still learning what this app can do. The Developer seems to keep adding features to make MIDI setup smooth which shows me he's got his finger on the pulse and this will be an app that continues to be excellent!"

"This is an awesome app, great way to help productivity and get just the right sound out of my chord progressions"

"Tonality is brilliant for several reasons. Not to mention the developer continues to improve and update the app more than almost any other app out there. I highly recommend it."

"Hands down one of the most useful apps ever created. It covers all aspects of theory. Amazing amazing amazing!!!"

“Life saver. This app con­sol­i­dat­ed about 5 web­sites I used on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. Now, I can just use the one app for any­thing that I need mu­si­cal­ly.”
"Irreplaceable – Can't imag­ine not hav­ing this app on my phone and iPad. I'm a song­writer and this is my go-to app for the­o­ry stuff!”

"So glad I found it...it's an amazing app for any musician, for any instrument, for any skill level, for any day! Loaded with features, being that's it Auv3 puts it in a league all of its own."

"Great all rounded music theory and midi auv3 plugin. Kudos to the developer"

"I can't believe how much you've packed into this, seriously!"